Approved Minutes of Meetings 2023

January 2023






Present:       Councillor: T.W. Adair (Chairman)


Councillors Cllrs V. Beckett, R.J. Croxton, E. Levin,

W. Parker-Foers, G Scott, O. Baum-Dixon


In attendance: J. James Clerk to the Council                         


2023/1 Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Cllr Croxton that he would be late


2023/2 Public Question Time


7 members of the public attended.


2023/3 Declaration of Interests


Non pecuniary declarations of interest were received from Cllr Adair (item 16d) Cllrs Beckett & Levin (item 15c)


2023/4 Minutes of Previous Meetings


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 12th December 2022 were taken as read copies having been circulated to all members of the Parish Council previously and with the agenda.


Resolved:      That the minutes are approved and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed:     Councillor Scott

Seconded:    Councillor Beckett


2023/5 Matters Arising


2022/151e     Environment – Parking on Pavements. The Clerk reported that RMBC have identified funding to install wooden posts and a gate to address parking on Well Lane playing field.


6.35 Cclr Croxton joined the meeting


2023/6 Co-option to 2 Vacancies on the of Parish Council


Cllr Parker-Foers expressed her thanks to all 3 residents who had submitted formal expressions of interest all of whom would bring valued skills and knowledge.


Proposed:     Cllr Baum-Dixon to co-opt Rachel Rowbottom to a vacancy on the Parish Council

Seconded:    Cllr Levin


Resolved:      To co-opt Rachel Rowbottom without a vote as no other seconded nomination


Proposed:     Cllr Scott to co-opt Paul Bannister to a vacancy on the Parish Council

Seconded:    Cllr Parker-Foers


Proposed:     Cllr Beckett to co-opt Kevin Hickey to a vacancy on the Parish Council

Seconded:    Cllr Baum-Dixon


Resolved:      To co-opt Kevin Hickey having achieved the required clear majority 3 votes to 2 votes.


Kevin Hickey and Rachel Rowbottom joined the Parish Council as members having signed their Declarations of Office.


2023/7 Wood Lane Mine Wheel


The approved location and orientation of the mine wheel, its actual position and Jones Homes planning application to retain as is alongside their proposal to reorient just the wheel was discussed at length. This was done so in the context of views expressed by residents through an on-line survey of opinion in which 89% of respondents expressed a preference for the wheel to be located in accordance with the approved planning consent.


Resolved:      By unanimous vote to advise Planning that Jones Homes proposal to reorient just the wheel is not acceptable and that the wish of the Parish Council supported by the stated preference of residents is that the wheel should be located and orientated as per the approved plans.

Proposed:     Councillor Baum-Dixon

Seconded:    Councillor Beckett


2023/8 Clerk’s Report & Correspondence Received


The Clerk’s report previously circulated was noted. It detailed the following:


  1. RMBC - Details of planning applications, decision and appeals.
  2. RMBC - Roadworks reports
  3. RMBC - Details of Licensing applications
  4. RMBC – What’s on through January
  5. RMBC - Rotherham Town Centre News
  6. RMBC - Rotherham Roundup
  7. RMBC - Rothervale Ward News from your Neighbourhood
  8. RMBC - Notification of bird flu at Treeton Dyke – information shared
  9. RMBC – Consultation on school term and holiday dates for 2024/25 – no comment
  10. YLCA – White Rose update
  11. YLCA Law & Governance bulletin
  12. YLCA - Training and Discussion Group Opportunities
  13. YLCA – Platinum Jubilee Fund open for applications
  14. NALC – Chief Executive’s Bulletin
  15. Alexander Stafford MP – Christmas Card
  16. SYPTE – details of increased Supertram & Travelmaster fares wef 2.1.23
  17. SYPTE – details of damage to rail line impacting train services into Leeds
  18. National Highways – work on the M1 from Thurcroft through to Chapeltown north to retro fit emergency refuge areas.
  19. Residents – empty grit bins and icy roads and pavements – reported to RMBC and provided link to their online ‘report it’ forms
  20.  Residents – Xmas trees & tinsel – differing views – acknowledged and advised will be reviewing for 2023
  21. Cllr Badger – Resignation – Casual Vacancy advertised: 16.12.22- 10.1.23
  22. Cllr Croxton – Issues with fence and quad bike access side Jones Homes and down boat road – contacted Boat club
  23. Cllr Baum-Dixon – concerns over vehicles and quad bikes damaging Well Lane playing fields, causing a nuisance and risk of injury – raised with RMBC with a view to a barrier to prevent access
  24. Cllrs Parker-Foers & Croxton – Rother Heights land – exchange of emails expressing concern over potential for development of well used public. green space and an area of potentially unique grassland. Cllr Parker-Foers reported to the meeting on details secured from the Land Registry with regard to sale and ownership.


  1. Resident interested in plans the PC may have in organising something for the ‘volunteering day’ of the King’s Coronation weekend
  2. RMBC – What’s on through February



2023/9 Borough Councillors Report


Item not taken.


2023/10 War Memorial – Proposals for restoration


Cllr Parker-Foers updated on the work so far and proposals for the next stage of this project.


Resolved       To accept the quote from DB Fencing in the sum of £775 for fencing the rear left boundary.

                     To accept the quote from SJ Diggers in the sum of £850 to mechanically clear the site of debris and ivy roots

                     To authorise Cllr Parker-Foers and the Clerk to submit a lottery grant application for work on the paving

                     To set aside £1,500 for landscaping, seeding and planting (excluding the clearing of the site) leaving a contingency of £500.

Proposed      Councillor Parker-Foers

Seconded     Councillor Beckett


2023/11 Off site Container for PC Equipment


Cllr Baum-Dixon suggested that if the PC’s aim was to bring the Reading Room back into full use including the rear ‘office’ space then securing off site storage for equipment should be a consideration. After discussion on the challenges and merits and with agreement that Cllr Baum-Dixon should lead:


Resolved:      To agree in principle to securing off site storage subject to identifying a suitable location and securing any necessary approvals

Proposed:     Cllr Baum-Dixon

Seconded:    Cllr Beckett


Carried by majority vote.


Agenda items 12 and 13 re-ordered


2023/12 Decision to Create an Events Working Group or Committee


Cllr Baum-Dixon reported on the success of recent events and activities and proposed to engage residents through the creation of a group to take forward a calendar of future activities.


Resolved:      To create an Events Working Group.

To adopt the draft Terms of Reference.

That Cllr Baum-Dixon will lead with Cllrs Beckett, Hickey, Levin and Rowbottom as members and the Chair being an ex-officio member.

Residents to be invited and others to the extent their input adds value.

To be a standing item on future agenda

Proposed:     Cllr Baum-Dixon

Seconded:    Cllr Beckett


2023/13 Volunteer Recognition Scheme


Cllr Baum-Dixon reported on the positive response from a number of residents and others beyond the village at recent events and activities and suggested that an acknowledgement potentially through an annual event would be a way of recognising them and the voluntary endeavours of others and would give residents a route to nominate people who they think have made a difference, even in some small way.


Resolved:      To agree in principle and ask the Events Working Group to develop ideas

Proposed:     Cllr Baum-Dixon

Seconded:    Cllr Levin


2023/14 Planning & Review of Progress on Projects through 2023


i.         Proposals to remedy drainage on Cowfield


Cllr Adair advised that he continues to get quotes for the work and remains in discussion with the Banks Group over potential grant funding.


ii         Christmas Activities


Nativity - Cllr Beckett advised that this is now showing signs of wear and may need replacing, action Cllrs Croxton and Hickey to look.


Santa’s Sleigh- Cllr Baum-Dixon reported that this was very well received and thanked the residents who had initiated this idea during the COVID restrictions, he further thanked the many volunteers who had given a significant amount of time and effort in preparation and on the day to ensure its success.


Christmas lights - deferred to next meeting


iii        King’s Coronation – a range of ideas were explored, agreed Cllr Baum-Dixon to lead as part of the Events Working Group


The forward planner was reviewed and noted:


2023/15 Standing Items


  1. Reading Room


  1. Housing & Parish Councillor surgeries:


1st Feb               Cllr Croxton

15th Feb             Cllrs Croxton & Beckett

1st March            Cllrs Adair & Croxton

15th March          Cllr Adair

29th March          Cllrs Adair & Parker-Foers


Proposals for refurbishment


Plastering & Painting – Cllr Adair reported that work is progressing and agreement given to sanding and varnishing the floors


Kitchen Refurbishment - Deferred until next meeting.


Frontage - The Clerk reported that the notice board and defibrillator are now in place


Fire Alarm System


Resolved:      To note the recommendation by Churches Fire however to take no action.

Proposed:     Councillor Parker-Foers

Seconded:    Councillor Beckett




  1. Allotments/Garage sites


Nothing to report.


  1. Burial Ground


  1. Progress on programme of repairs and maintenance


The Clerk reported that work on the footpaths is now completed


          ii         Requests to vary the Guidelines and Regulations


After lengthy discussion it was decided not to vary the recently approved burial ground guidelines and regulations confirming that they would be routinely reviewed after 6 months.


Resolved:      That the request for kerbed memorials is declined.

That fees where the deceased neither lived in Treeton or can show a longstanding tie remain at double the usual fee.                   

To charge a double fee for a double interment of ashes less the charge incurred by the Parish Council for grave digging in respect of the 2nd interment when it takes place at the same time

Proposed:     Councillor Parker-Foers

Seconded:    Councillor Rowbottom


  1. Recreation Ground and Play areas


Well Lane playing field


The Clerk reported that RMBC have advised they have identified funding to replace the goal posts.


  1. Environment


Nothing to report


  1. Planning Applications


The weekly lists of planning applications and planning decisions in the Borough were circulated by email to all Parish Councillors. In Treeton there have been:


Permission granted:8 Chandler Grove – 2 storey rear extension


New Applications:27 Front Street – 2 storey front extension – no comment

15 Front Street work on a tree in the conservation area – no comment



2023/16 Suspension of Standing Orders


Resolved:      That Standing Orders limiting the length of a Parish Council meeting to 2 hours be suspended to allow business to be completed.

Proposed:     Councillor Levin

Seconded:    Councillor Parker-Foers


2023/17 Report from Representatives on External Bodies


  1. RMBC/Parish Council’s Liaison Committee

Nothing to report


  1. YLCA Branch Representatives

Nothing to report


  1. Banks Group – Penny Hill Wind Farm

Nothing to report


  1. Treeton Youth Club


The Clerk reported on proposed changes by the provider to the SLA and fees for provision of the youth club, after lengthy discussion:


Resolved:     That a proposed 65% increase in fee from the provider was

unacceptable and that Cllr Baum-Dixon be requested to make a direct approach to discuss further with him reporting to the next meeting.

Proposed:     Cllr Baum-Dixon

Seconded:    Cllr Beckett


The Chairman reported that he had secured a grant to the community centre of £500 towards purchase of sports equipment of which the youth club would have use.


  1. Community Centre & Playing Fields Memorial Committee

The Chairman updated on ongoing issues with the play park


2023/18 Community Centre


The Chairman reported that well attended luncheon clubs were now taking place and that the Community Centre had raised in excess of £1,100 for the Children’s Hospital, in addition to the donation of 100 selection boxes.


2023/19 Chairman’s Review


The Chairman reported that it was nice to see the defibrillator in place and working outside the Reading Room and thanked Cllr Croxton for his work on the new noticeboard.


He thanked the litter pickers for their continuing work in the village and the volunteers who made the Santa’s sleigh and grotto event such a success.



2023/20 Finance and General Purposes

  1. Financial Monitoring


The month 9 financial monitoring report was presented and contents noted


  1. Internal Control Reconciliation & Accountability


The Chairman and Cllr Parker-Foers signed off the verification that transactions and bank balances reported in minutes, reconcile to those on bank statements and match those recorded in the Rialtas accounting software and that they balance.


  1. Approval of accounts for payment


The following accounts were approved for payment.




Foers Burial Fees



Cambridge Building Society Interest



Mindful Memorials – Memorial Fee



HMRC Vat Refund



Clarksons - Memorial Fees






Staff Salaries, Pension & Expenses Dec 2022



Opus Energy - Gas January 2023

Direct Debit


Opus Energy – Electricity January 2023

Direct Debit  


Jane Haddrell – Youth Club & R. Room Clean Jan



A Flinders – Burial Ground Maintenance December



Rialtas – Financial management software package



ICO – Data Protection Fee



Keleigh Technical Services – Defib cabinet installation



Dignity - Grave digging



Business Stream Water Sewerage Sept – Dec R. Rm



Business Stream Water Sewerage Sept – Dec B Grnd



Amazon - paper towels, loo roll, pressure sprayer



Hobsons – 75 Christmas Tree lights



Petty Cash – decorating materials for RR



Petty Cash –refreshments, moss spray, notice board



Bliss Internet – in lieu of advert in newsletter






Petty Cash –N Board (BC) wood (TA) room rental (JJ)



SJD Sports – Youth Club Sept - Feb



Paul Rudram – Burial ground paths





Proposed:     Councillor Adair

Seconded:    Councillor Parker-Foers


Bank & Cash Book Reconciliation 31st December 2022



Balances at bank:    Current account      11,680.86

                               Instant account        48,214.02

Cambridge Building Society                    80,000.00

Nationwide Building Society                   35,055.46


Total                                                  £ 174,950.34     



2023/21 Any Other Urgent Business


The were no items of other business


2023/22 Date of the Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting will be Mon 27th March 2023 at 6.30pm


The meeting closed at 9.00 pm



Chairman:                                                                             Date:




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